Tie-Dye, Cheesecake, & Cookies!

First I was asked to bake a tie-dye cake for a birthday party. I had 9 days to get it done. No problem. Two days before that cake was due, I got a late night call asking for a cheesecake to be picked up the same day. Two cakes on the same day? No problem Then I had a cheesecake class set for the following Monday morning. No problem? I keep using that phrase. It may not mean what I think it means. I say "no problem" because I never want to let anyone down. I also say it because I like to think I can do it all. If the past week is any example, I can! Truth is, I like a challenge. When someone asks "Can you...," my instinct is to say, "YES!" I am trying to stop doing that. I would like to think about the request first and then give an honest answer. So far I haven't accepted any challenge I wasn't up to, although I have had a few close calls. Teaching is my newest venture. Sure, I've been homeschooling my own children for the past 15 years, but teaching other people? A little nerve-wracking. Trying to teach something that comes so naturally can be difficult. It all seems so simple and obvious to me but I need to teach as though the students have never set foot in a kitchen. I cannot skip over a single step. It has been a learning experience for me, as well.

The tie-dye cake came out beautifully, according to this message I received from the client, "The girls loved it. And it was delicious! They raved about your fondant."

The cheesecake, a white chocolate raspberry, was also well-received. "The cake was amazing!!!! Loved every bite and much oohing and aweing (sic)! Beautiful presentation!!!" And the cheesecake class? One student's mother wrote back, "The cheesecake was delicious! I went to the store and bought the ingredients for another. Thanks for having the class, N really enjoyed it." What about cookies? I am putting together a class for February 26th. We will learn to bake 3 different cookie recipes and each student will go home with 1 dozen home-baked cookies. Don't pass up this delicious opportunity! Kat

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