Spring Means Change

Change. There have been songs written about it. Numerous songs.

"Changes" by David Bowie, Yes, and Olivia Newton John. Three different songs, same title. "Man In the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by The Byrds. My personal favorite, "Time To Change" by The Brady Bunch. Spring is is here and spring is all about change. Rebirth. The park near us is overflowing with little bunnies hopping around. Baby birds are chirping in their nests. Buds are popping open. The view from the top of our hill looks like a double row of popcorn trees. Closets get cleaned out in the spring. Wardrobes change in the spring. Legs that have been hidden in thick tights and long pants come out into the sunlight. My business has undergone a lot of change so far this year; no more farmers' markets, setting up a website, teaching baking classes, texting. The latest change is a couple of additions to my website. I now have an events page which has a calendar listing all of my classes, and a class registration page so people can register online. Streamlining for your convenience! Ah, change. I used to pride myself on my refusal to change. I somehow considered at a virtue. While I still enjoy routine and order, I am learning to embrace change. I hike, i work out, I race, I backpack. These are so far from the favored activities of my younger self. The best thing about the changes I have made is the improvement in my health. Which brings me to the next big change.

I have been undergoing a battery of tests to clear me for being a kidney donor. Talk about change. Some time in the next month or two, I will be flying to San Francisco to have my right kidney relocated into the body of a young woman in kidney failure.

I will have to take a short break from my usual activities. Change.

I will take a month off from offering any classes. Change. I will get some rest. Change Not all change is hard to accept.


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