Summer's Here....almost

As a mom, I understand the importance of providing opportunities for our children. I am not talking about just entertaining them. We want our children to enjoy childhood, but we also want them to learn and grow into confident, productive adults. As a mom, I also understand the need to get a moment to oneself, especially during the long, hot summer months. I've got 6 children and I home school. Believe me, I understand! My plan is to offer summer classes in cooking and baking. Parents will be able to sign their children up for individual classes or entire week-long camps. Everyday they attend, students will get to dine on their lessons and take home samples of their work to share at home. There will also be outside play, fun in the sun, and opportunities to cool off. Imagine a child who is confident enough to look up a recipe, write a shopping list, and prepare a complete, nutritious meal. If this sounds like heaven to you, you're right. Nothing compares to knowing your children can feed themselves without relying on ramen and kool-aid, or waiting for you to fix them a snack.

Many parents need to line up their children's summer activities well in advance due to work schedules. I understand this and I want to accommodate this need. Just one thing stands in my way. I am lined up to donate a kidney some time in the next month and a half. Until the date is set, I cannot be certain of the dates for my classes.

What I do know, is that I will offer 1 week of classes in June, 2 or 3 weeks in July, and 2 weeks in August. As soon as those dates are set, I will post them in a new blog and update the "Events" page of this website.

If this sounds like something your children would enjoy, or that you would like them to learn, stay tuned. You can get on my mailing list by dropping me a note on the "Contacts" page, and you will receive updates as soon as they are made. Be patient. Summer is coming!

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