A not-so-funny-thing happened

I was all set to celebrate my birthday, donate a kidney, and set my summer class schedule. Life is what happens when we are making plans.

My 85-year-old father passed away this week. I was blessed to be with him at the end along with most of my siblings. Then new plans needed to be made. I drove straight through 16 hours with the help of my eldest son. Now I am doing the practical things that need doing-shopping, laundry, packing. The whole clan, minus one, will be heading south for a final good-bye. After returning home, I plan to fly back a week later. My dad is being honored in recognition of his service to the community. He was a doer. He saw something that needed doing and he did it, to best of his ability. He is my inspiration. He never told us to help others, he just showed us through his example. We drove boxes of food and clothing into Tijuana. We hosted exchange students. We took in strangers in a strange land. Our biological family is pretty darn big, but because of my parents' willingness to open their hearts and home, I can go anywhere in the world and find family to visit.

Thanks to this example, donating a kidney is a no-brainer. I can help, so I will. Life around us keeps moving at a fast pace, yet I feel like I am going in slow motion. I cannot concentrate on what I should be doing. Eventually I will catch up and get back on track. And I WILL schedule the summer classes. For now, I will bake bread for my family. It needs doing so I'll do it.

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