Float, Smash, Fly

What a weekend!

In the custom baked goods business, there are ups and downs, ebbs and flows. When I was doing farmers markets I was baking weekly, although demand rarely matched supply. That was extremely frustrating. Now I wait for the orders to come in to avoid waste. When business is slow, it's frustrating. Then comes the flow and it really flows!

Last week I received a call from a woman who wanted to order 2 dozen cupcakes. She didn't know what she wanted so I read off a list of cake flavors. When she heard "root beer float" she was hooked. I really enjoy making these cupcakes. So much fun! She wanted to know if I could have them for her on Saturday at noon. No problem.

The next day I saw a conversation in a mom's group online. Someone was looking for a smash cake so I offered my services. It turned out to be an order for 3 smash cakes. For those not in the know, a smash cake is a personal-size cake for a 1 year old to really go to town on. This was a party for twins and their cousin. Could I have them ready for pick up at 9:30 on Saturday? Sure thing.

From that one conversation about smash cakes I received another order. This one was to be pink through and through. Strawberry cake with strawberry filling and hues of pink flowers in cream cheese buttercream. Delivery on Monday at noon. No problem! Now I have a little down time to promote my baking camps in July before I go in for surgery. That's right, we have a date. In case you haven't been following my blog, I am donating a kidney. The testing process began in January and I was found to be a match for my recipient by the end of February. It took the next 3 months to get her tests completed and to process the red tape. So from June 20th until July 4th, I will be out of town and out of commission. Then on July 11th, the first of my baking camps will begin.

Great things are on the horizon! Make sure you're a part of it all.

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