If There's Anything I Can Do...

June 6, 2016

This blog will not be food-centered, but I figure I should at least mention the summer camps I have lined up. People are registering and class size is limited, so get in while you can.

Now, for the purpose of this entry. I was reminded yesterday that not all of my friends are on Facebook. This puts such people at a disadvantage when that is the only place I am sharing significant news. So I will take this opportunity to update my loyal followers. Both of you are very important to me.

If you have been reading my blog before this, you know that I am scheduled for surgery this month. The funny thing about hospitalization or death is that, so often, people find themselves at a loss for words. Then they end up blurting out the first thing that comes to mind.


"If there's anything I can do..." 

No sooner than the words are out do you wish you could suck them back in with your next breath. But, NO! You said it and now it is time to back it up.  Don't worry. I am not going to ask anyone to come do laundry or scrub toilets. I've got children! They do their own laundry and each of them has an assigned area of the house to keep clean. While it isn't always perfect, the work gets done.

What many mom's know is that meal preparation is something that often gets thrown under the bus when there is so much else to do. Now, my children and husband are quite capable of cooking for themselves. It is the remembering to take something out in time to prepare it for dinner that gets forgotten. With the longer days, this is even more of a problem. Everyone is enjoying, or hiding from, the warmth and there is a general laziness that grabs hold of people. Then with the sun shining until 9:00 at night, we forget that it's dinner time until it is bed time. This is what gets us subsisting on a diet of ramen and kool-aid. BLECH!

I have a strict schedule and shopping pattern for meals in our home. Sometimes I get off track, but I can juggle things around and still get them fed dinner before rolls around. However, I will not be home. then I will be laid up for a couple of weeks. Matt will be at work all day and won't feel like being mom after a day of being dad. This is where that offer of help comes in.

"If there's anything I can do..." 

Why, yes! There is something you can do! If you really want to help, you could prepare/purchase a meal and drop it off at the house. That's all.

"That's all!!!  You have an army to feed!!!"

It's really not that hard. Just take whatever you are preparing and triple the recipe. Pretend you are on a reality TV show. Fill them up on bread and rice. Throw a pizza into the cage and lock the gate.
I am not begging. I am just telling you what will help. But I am not above begging, if that's what it will take to get my family fed. To make things simple, I have set up a Meal Train. Just click on the link and go to the calendar to pick a day. Then you fill in what you will bring. Food preferences and an address are included. That's it! Easy peasy!

We'll also take prayers.
For the surgeons taking an organ from one body and putting it into another. WOW! That is just incredible!!
For the patients. May we both heal quickly and without incident. May my kidney take up residence in its new digs and fit right in.
For our families. May they have peace.

Thank you, and have a sweet day!



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