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Two weeks of camp (almost) complete. The first week I had just one student all week. We survived the heat and enjoyed every delicious meal and dessert. My children helped out with water play after lunch and there was a lot of time lounging in the hammocks. I did not take many pictures because we were just enjoying every moment.

An advantage to having only one student is being able to tailor the menu to her preferences. I knew about her love of unicorns so we made unicorn cupcakes! It is always fun getting to know my students, talk about life, and teach them subjects they dislike through something they enjoy; baking.

Week two, I took on 1 more student. We had to take a field trip for ingredients I had forgotten, or so I thought. We met some firefighters and the girls told them about cooking camp and that we were making eclairs. I promised them a batch, which my daughter and I delivered.

The second day of week 2 I had two return students from last year. I knew the rising temperatures were going to make things miserable so we caved and bought a 14,000 BTU window AC unit. It works so well that people were complaining about the cold, but that was before I turned on the oven.

This time I needed to accommodate dietary restrictions, which is a challenge I enjoy. Some days we all cooked the same thing. Other days we were working from 2 different recipes. It kept things interesting. I really think the girls enjoyed making new friends, too!

Thursday evening we had an unexpected turn of events in our home that kind of shook things up; a (thankfully) minor motorcycle accident. I spent Friday getting him to the doctor and tending to his owies. So I have re-scheduled the final class for tomorrow.

No matter how many camps I host, it's always new and different. I'm getting to the point where am no longer adamantly opposed to change. YAY!

Now for even more fun, and new, and different. In a few weeks I will be heading off on a 3-week European excursion! My older sister and I will be walking 73 miles through Scotland, visiting, and sightseeing in England and Ireland. I am so excited for this trip! It is sure to be beautiful and relaxing and maybe I'll come home with some new recipes to share with my clientele.

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