The Year 2019, Thus Far

No one signed up for spring break camp. *crickets*

I filled a few cake and bread orders. Slow but steady. I made plans to spend an entire month celebrating my 50th birthday. We also began planning our summer vacation so I could schedule summer camp. It was going to be a 4 week, cross-country motorcycle trip. I had it all mapped out, including visits with friends and family. Two days before Easter, my husband was out for a motorcycle ride breaking in his new leather jacket. Instead he got broken. A rogue deer took him down and he walked away with a broken collarbone. Surgery and recovery threatened to completely derail all of our plans. Many things had to be put off or cancelled and I couldn't decide whether or not to schedule any camps.

We finally got the all clear to hit the road - 2 weeks down the California coast and returning inland. Then the ground in California began shaking. I had a bad feeling about this trip but we packed up and headed out.


My motorcycle had mechanical difficulties so, after two false starts and a cake delivery, we loaded up the truck and just went camping for a week. When we got home I prepared for another camping trip. After that trip, I began planning for another camping trip.

You'd think I wouldn't have time to get any baking done, but you would be wrong. In the last week of August, before my final camping trip, I filled 5 orders.

FIVE in 1 week!!

That's a record for me and quite a pace for a one-woman operation. Still, I can't stay put for long. A friend was in a motorcycle accident at the end of summer. Another deer strike. It's like the deer community has a contract out on anyone on two wheels. I decided to do my part by preparing and delivering meals, including dessert.

In September I spent a week in Pennsylvania with my best friend. I taught her how to make her own bread from scratch.

In October Matt and I went to Texas to visit his brother's family and participate in the Down Syndrome Association Buddy Walk. We got home on Monday , October 21st. I got dinner started and went to Jazzercise. On the way home as I sat at a red light I was rear ended by a drunk driver. While in the emergency room I received a text for a cake order. Timing is everything.

We put on our annual Halloween gathering for the neighbors. This year we went with a Christmas theme complete with a tree, stockings filled with candy, and decorated Christmas cookies. I was glad to have the help of my own elves as I am recovering from the crash.

Now I am dealing with lots of aches and pains while continuing with meal deliveries, preparing for bazaar season and now I get to shop for a new car. I plan to do more online advertising to increase holiday sales. I may even teach a cookie decorating class. One thing I've been skipping this year is taking photos of my products. It may be time to consider hiring an in house photographer. It's a shame to not have all of my creations recorded for posterity. So that is how 2019 has been going so far. I hope the rest of the year is less eventful but as sweet as can be.

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