Putting on the Brakes

I have done my best to keep up the pace through my recovery. I was not able to get it together in time to sell at any bazaars but I did manage to offer classes just before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each time I followed up by hobbling in to see my chiropractor so that I might stand erect again. By the middle of January I thought I was finally on the mend. I was released from physical therapy and down to one day of chiropractic each week. Then my headaches returned and the pain in my arms was getting worse. I fulfilled one cake order but I dropped the cake as I was loading it into the box. Annoying, to say the least. Then I got news I was not expecting; two ruptured discs in my neck requiring surgery. I have a reason for the pain, as well as a solution. This just wasn't part of my plans. I was hoping to make up some of my losses by offering spring break camps. That's out. I'll be out of commission at least two months. I will be thinking of great classes to offer in the summer, and pray that I feel well enough to follow through. Know that I will be missing the creative outlet of making beautiful things delicious and delicious things beautiful.

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