A Work in Progress

That pretty much describes the world, and not just right now.

Have your daily lives changed since the start of the year? I know mine has. Aside from a new way of doing things due to Covid-19, I've spent the past year recovering from the effects of being rear ended by a drunk driver. This changed my ability to do my job on a consistent basis which means, even without pandemic restrictions, business was affected. I am thankful to my local community for stepping up to support small businesses. I've been able to pay it forward by hiring some freelance artists (who also happen to be my offspring) to assist on a few jobs. The Oregon Department of Agriculture keeps sending notices on new guidelines and I have diligently kept up with the necessary changes. It would have been easy to let my license lapse. It is not required to have a license to run a food business out of your home, so long as it is made clear to customers that they are purchasing food prepared in a non-inspected kitchen. I have said it before and I will keep saying it. I am proud of my license and I will continue to work to maintain the standard of quality necessary to keep it. I have enjoyed dabbling in some fun stuff I've never done before and this year will be offering some new items, including hot chocolate bombs suitable for gifting and holiday themed pull apart sourdough bread. The summer seemed kind of empty without my camps and I've missed some of my regular students. I know many parents who never planned to home school are now having to teach their own children or otherwise completely oversee their education. If they are fortunate enough to have kept their jobs, their workload is compounded. This is why I am planning to offer classes in your homes within your own family group. While this means less social interaction than my classes usually offer, it also means more one-on-one attention for individual students. I love finding the silver lining!! My new class offerings will soon be posted on my website (which is receiving a much needed face lift), Facebook page, and will also go out in an email to everyone on my business mailing list. I am looking forward to continuing to find creative ways to keep my business going, and keep making the world a tastier place to live. Kat

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